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Ex-parte Communications

Rule 60Y-4.002 of the Commissionís Rules provides that:

No ex parte communication relative to any pending case before the Commission shall be made to any commissioner, or hearing officer, at any stage of a proceeding after the filing of a petition, by any party to the proceeding, by any person who has a direct or indirect interest in the proceeding, by any authorized representative or counsel. Any violation of this section shall be reported, in writing, by the commissioner or hearing officer affected, and the report, which shall include a description of the substance of the communication, any response, and a copy of any written communication, shall be part of the record.

Each of the commissioners will potentially sit on a panel during deliberation hearings and will hear arguments on charges of discrimination. Therefore, commissioners are prohibited from having any communications whatsoever with either of the parties prior to the time their case is brought before the Commission for final hearing.