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Hillsborough County Health Department

Date of Release: 10/22/2008

Hillsborough County Health Department
1105 East Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33675-5135

Main Phone: (813) 307-8000 Main office

Main Phone: (813) 671-7741 Ruskin 8am-5pm

Main Phone: (813) 659-0406 Dover 8am-5pm

Main Phone: (813) 757-0477 Plant City 8am-5pm

Fax number: (813) 272-6984
Eligibility: Residents of Hillsborough County

Area Served: Hillsborough County

E-Mail address:
Internet Site:

Program Description: Women's health services, pediatric health services, Healthy Start Care Co-Ordination for Pregnant, Postpartum women and infants from birth to one year, and immunization services. Prenatal care, family planning, well child, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.