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Salvation Army’s Florida Emergency Disaster Services Division

Date of Release: 10/22/2008

Salvation Army’s Florida Emergency Disaster Services Division
930 East 139th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33613

Main Phone: (813) 903-0944

(813) 962-6611

Fax number: (813) 221-3587
Eligibility: Open to Anyone

Area Served: Hillsborough County
Internet Site:

Program Description: Whenever a disaster strikes, The Salvation Army is on the scene offering assistance - a hot cup of coffee or cold drink, food, a warm blanket, emergency housing, and an encouraging word. While each disaster causes its own unique impact, there are certain basic needs that can be met by The Salvation Army. In cases of disaster, The Salvation Army is prepared to provide these basic services: • On-site assistance to disaster workers • Mass Feeding • Individual Feeding • Emergency Shelters • Comfort Stations • Spiritual Ministry • Distribution of clothing, food, relief supplies and any other necessary items The Salvation Army works very closely with the Hillsborough County Office of Emergency Management when disaster events occur. Locally, The Salvation Army is tasked with duties relating to the disbursement of food, water and other mass care supplies, as well as soliciting for and managing the onslaught of volunteers following a disaster occurrence. The Salvation Army's initial emergency relief service occurs via mobile disaster canteens. These fully-equipped mobile kitchens are designed to feed hot and cold meals to victims and emergency workers in the field. During major disasters, Comfort Stations may be set up to assist with relief efforts. Comfort Stations consist of one to three tents, a mobile canteen, portable toilets, a dumpster, a shower unit, and if needed, a medical unit. These Comfort Stations serve as one-stop relief centers where victims can receive assistance.